[DWR16] Mobile Service for Adaptive Museum Visits in Wireless-Optical Networks

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Applications and Innovations in Mobile Computing (AIMoC 2016), February 2016, appear, Kolkotta, India,

Mots clés: Mobile service, interactive tour, wireless network, mobile-to-mobile connection, Android development

Résumé: — The emergence of new technologies make possible the design of new mobile services which are better suitable for cultural and industrial needs. In the context of a museum tour, mobile services allow visitors to obtain rapidly all the information useful for their visit. In this article, we present a mobile service in a wireless-optical network to provide an interactive tour, that is visitor guidance in the museum and multimedia contents on artworks of interest. The considered network architecture is composed of a wireless and an optical part which offer a high throughput (at most several gigabits per second). The proposed service is built for Android smartphone equipped with a Bluetooth card (for indoor localization) and the mDNS (Network Service Discovery for Android) technology (to advertise and share contents with other visitors in a mobile-to-mobile ad-hoc network). In the end of the paper, we give some performance analysis of the proposed mobile service in real situations.


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