[DLRb07] A Framework for Distributed Spatial Indexing in Shared-Nothing Architectures

Conférence Nationale avec comité de lecture : BDA'07 Bases de Données Avancées, Marseille, January 2007,
Résumé: The paper presents a complete framework for spatial indexing support in a distributed setting. We consider a shared-nothing environment where a set of servers provides independent storage and computational services. Servers only communicate through point-to-point messaging, and constitute a non-structured network (i.e., non-central server or "super peer"). These features cover two popular architectures, namely a strongly connected cluster of servers, and P2P networks. Our proposal extends the recently proposed "Scalable Distributed Rtree (SD-Rtree)" structure with new algorithms and protocols. More specifically, we introduce a nearest-neighbors algorithm, a load balancing method and a termination protocol. The result constitutes a set of functionalities for distributed spatial indexing that matches those commonly found in centralized architectures.

Collaboration: LAMSADE


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