[DF15] A K-Based Specification of Web Services

Conférence Nationale avec comité de lecture : June 2015,

Mots clés: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), K Framework, Maude, WSDL.

Résumé: The Web service description language WSDL has been the subject of numerous researches and known a constant evolution. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to define a semantics allowing a flawless interoperability. Indeed, in spite of its success, WSDL doesn't ensure conveniently its role in the service interaction process due to its lack of operational semantics which often leads to a loss of behavior control and creates a dichotomy in the composition process. Therefore, various approaches have been conducted in order to formalize the semantics of service description, but while coupling more than two formalisms. To cope with this problem we propose the provision of a semantic support to Web service description language by using Rewriting logic. This article sets out to study an extension of the interface grammar of WSDL by endowing it with a rewrite rules-based semantics using the K framework. Our contribution is twofold; on the one hand, it gives a rewrite operational semantics to the WSDL language and on the other hand, it provides a transparent WSDLMaude translation. Thus, the description stemming from this translation is executable and analyzable under Maude system taking advantage from its environment as well as its tools.

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