[DCS15] Récepteurs SIMO MLSE Widely Linear - Structures et performances en présence d’interférences non circulaires

Revue Nationale avec comité de lecture : Journal Traitement du Signal, vol. 1, pp. 7-37, 2015

Mots clés: SIMO, MLSE, Widely Linear, Non circular

Résumé: This paper derives the maximum likelihood sequence estimation (MLSE) single input multiple output (SIMO) receiver for the demodulation of a quadrature amplitude modulated (QAM) signal of interest (SOI) corrupted by inter-symbol interference (ISI) and total noise composed of co-channel (CCI) interference and background noise. The receiver is derived under the assumption of a zero-mean, potentially noncircular, stationary, temporally and spatially colored Gaussian total noise. It is proved that this receiver is composed of a widely linear filter followed by a sampling operation at the symbol rate and a ML decision box implementing a modified version of the Viterbi algorithm. This WL filter is interpreted as a spatio-temporal matched filter (STMF) which maximizes the signal to interference plus noise ratio (SINR) on the current symbol. The case of quasi rectilinear modulation is also considered, where the MLSE receiver is proved to have a similar structure provided post rotation processing. Despite the fact that in practice, CCI are cyclostationary and non Gaussian, it is shown that the proposed receiver outperforms the conventional ones for cyclostationary and noncircular CCI.



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