[CF03] XMiLa: An XML DTD for music and the MIDI norm

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : IPSI 2003, SVETI STEFAN, MONTENEGRO, January 2003,
Résumé: Music can be written in many ways. Staves and bars used by musicians are well known. Music can be heard on a computer thanks to file formats such as wav, aiff or MIDI. However they are awkward to manipulate and finding out information in this way is no easy task. In this article we first intend to describe music with the help of XMiLa, an XML DTD which we designed, then to show the advantages it offers when securing detailed information about a particular piece of music. Displaying music charts on the screen and translating them into MIDI files so that they can be played are among the possibilities derived from XMiLa files.


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