[CAl18] Probabilistic Indoor Position Determination via Channel Impulse Response

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : PIMRC 2018, September 2018, pp.1-6, Italy,

Mots clés: Indoor localization, channel impulse response, multivariate complex Gaussian, Kullback-Leibler distance

Résumé: Location Fingerprinting (LF) is a promising localization technique that enables many commercial and industrial Location-based Services (LBS). In this paper, a Channel Impulse Response (CIR) based indoor localization system is proposed. To fully exploit the most locationspecific multipath information, we first conduct a powerbased time tap filtering for the received CIR measurements. Furthermore, we experimentally observe that the filtered CIR data exhibits a multivariate circularly-symmetric Gaussian feature, which hints that fingerprinting positioning can be implemented by using a more accurate probabilistic method with a less computational complexity. In the online position determination phase, the KullbackLeibler Distance (KLD) is adopted to quantify the similarities between the received measurements of target and the fingerprint database. Afterwards, we employ a probability kernel based regression approach to accurately infer the estimated target’s location. Through extensive experiments performed on CRAWDAD database, the efficiency of our proposed scheme is validated

Collaboration: Wuhan University


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