[CAT11] Optimizing large collections of continuous content-based RSS aggregation queries

Conférence Nationale avec comité de lecture : BDA'11, Base de Données Avancées, October 2011, pp.1--19, Rabah, Maroc,

Mots clés: RSS, Continuous query, Multi-query optimization, Continuous algebra, Continuous Language, Pub/Sub

Résumé: In this article we present RoSeS (Really Open Simple and Efficient Syndication), a generic framework for content-based RSS feed querying and aggregation. RoSeS is based on a data-centric approach, using a combination of standard database concepts like declara- tive query languages, views and multi-query optimization. Users create personalized feeds by defining and composing content-based filtering and aggregation queries on collections of RSS feeds. Publishing these queries corresponds to defining views which can then be used for building new queries / feeds. This naturally reflects the publish-subscribe nature of RSS applications. The contributions presented in this article are a declarative RSS feed aggregation language, an extensible stream algebra for building efficient continuous multi- query execution plans for RSS aggregation views, a multi-query optimization strategy for these plans and a running prototype based on a multi-threaded asynchronous execution engine.

Equipe: vertigo
Collaboration: LIP6 , ETIS


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