[CA19] Query-Based Reverse Engineering of Graph Databases – From Program to Model

Atelier, Poster ou Démonstration dans une Conférence Internationale : ADBIS 2019 proceedings, September 2019, Vol. 1064, pp.1-10, Series CCIS, Bled, Slovénie,

Mots clés: Conceptual model - Graph database - Cypher query - Reverse engineering - Schema integration

Résumé: Graph databases have been developed to meet data persistence requirements, notably from social networks. They are, like the other NoSQL databases, often schemaless. This paper describes an incremental approach deriving a conceptual model from a graph database by analyzing a Cypher flow of queries. This reverse engineering approach embeds three main contributions: (1) a set of transformation rules of Cypher queries into chunks of conceptual schemas, (2) an incremental approach based on these rules, (3) an illustration on an example. This contribution enables, from a Cypher code, to generate a conceptual model that will facilitate the evolution of the existing graph database. This research is part of a project aiming at building an environment enabling round-trip engineering of relational and NoSQL databases.


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