[BMT16] MIMO techniques in the frequency domain with FBMC-PAM

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : EuCNC, June 2016, pp.345-348, Athens, Greece,

Mots clés: MIMO; multicarrier ; FBMC ; PAM ; OFDM ; asynchronous access ; wireless

Résumé: FBMC-PAM is a recently introduced filter bank multicarrier technique which exploits pulse amplitude modulation and operates at the same symbol rate as OFDM, unlike FBMC-OQAM which operates at twice that symbol rate. The scheme is efficiently implemented in the frequency domain and, in the system, the receiver is equipped with a frequency domain equalizer. In the present paper, it is shown how MIMO techniques can be introduced in the scheme and the performance is illustrated in single- and multi-user scenarios. The analysis and the simulation results show that the frequency domain approach might be as beneficial to FBMC-MIMO techniques as it is to channel equalization.

Collaboration: UNINA


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