[BMA20] Fractional Interval Observers And Initialization Of Fractional Systems

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, vol. 82, pp. ., 2020

Mots clés: Fractional systems; Initialization; Interval observers; Stability of fractional linear systems.

Résumé: In this paper an interval observer is synthesized for fractional linear systems with additive noise and disturbances. The contribution of system whole past to future output is taken into account as an initialization function. Provided the initialization function is upper and lower bounded, it is shown in this paper that the fractional interval observer (FIO) allows to bound pseudo-state free responses by an upper and a lower trajectory. In case interval observers cannot be synthesized straightforwardly, so as to obtain a stable and non-negative estimation error, it is shown that a change of coordinates allows to overcome this problem. The proposed methodology allows to bound fractional systems trajectories when the whole past is unknown but can be bounded. Finally, a numerical example is given to show the effectiveness of the proposed methods on the initialization of fractional linear systems.

Collaboration: IMS


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