[Awg15] Characterization and reduction of the amplitude-to-phase conversion effects in telemetry

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal IOP Measurement Science and Technology, vol. 26 n°8(juillet 2015), pp. 084006, 2015, (doi:10.1088/0957-0233/26/8/084006)

Mots clés: laser diode, absolute distance meter, photodetection, amplitude modulation, phase measurement, amplitude-to-phase coupling, optical telemetry

Résumé: We are developing a telemeter based on the measurement of the phase accumulated by a RF sine wave during its propagation in air. This wave is carried by a laser beam thanks to an intensity modulation. The main limitation of this technique lies in amplitude-to-phase conversion occurring in the detection of this modulation. Therefore, we characterized in this paper this phenomenon for a given telemetric system and discuss on how to reduce its effects on the resolution and the accuracy of the distance measurement. Finally, a solution is implemented and tested outdoor, in real conditions of use.

Equipe: laetitia
Collaboration: CNAM Paris


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