[AWG16a] Towards Kilometric Distance Measurements with Air Refractive Index Compensation

Conférences Internationales sans actes : JISDM 2016, vienne, autriche,

Mots clés: Kilometric distance, optical telemetry, two-wavelength telemetry, absolute distance meter

Résumé: The accuracy of kilometric-range distance measurements by electro-optical instruments is still limited by the determination of the air refractive index along the measurement path. Thus, a sub-millimetric accuracy is not reachable with classical instruments for such distances. However, a two-wavelength approach offers a promising route towards a compensation of air index fluctuations, and so towards more accuracy. In this paper, the principle of the two-wavelength absolute distance meter is explained, an experimental setup working at 785 nm and 1550 nm is described, and the first experimental results are presented.


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