[APl13] Distributed Beamformer Construction for Successive Stream Selection on the Interference Channel

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS 2013, August 2013, pp.1-5, Ilmenay, Germany,
Résumé: Interference channel is by definition a configuration without any centralized entity. Thus information exchange becomes a bottleneck problem as it is required to construct any interference minimization solution. In this paper, we propose a distributed quasi-orthogonal precoder/decoder design solution on the interference channel. The method reduces the required exchanges between users as well as the amount of required CSI. In fact, we consider no apriory knowledge on the interfering channels. The interference, i.e. forbidden directions, are estimated in both transmission and reception. This boils down to the estimation of two simple vectors for each user. Moreover, the proposed method is a recursive selection procedure thus with no convergence issues that selects one by one streams as long as the total sum-rate keeps increasing. We present here the adopted methodology for stream selection and present some simulation results showing good performances compared to centralized algorithms.

Equipe: laetitia
Collaboration: CEDRIC


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