[ALC19] User centric approach in Digital Ecosystem

Brevet et Normes : Date de dépôt: 01 February 2019 , Organisme: "European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)" , N° de brevet: TR 103 438 , Nb page 42, European Union

Mots clés: digital ecosystem, user centric.

Résumé: The digital ecosystem includes all sectors of activity in which the user through smartphone, and objects are connected, that is to say capable, in addition to their main function, to send or receive information via a telecommunication network which allows to extend or diversify the functions of the smartphone and the object. Connected objects fall, for example, in the fields of transport (connected vehicle), health (connected self-measurement), industry (connected tools), home automation (interactive electricity meter) or even daily life (connected watch). This is why the notion that interests us in the digital ecosystem is that of considering that the user is at the heart of the architecture. The present document focuses on the Architecture and the Organization dimensions of ACIFO, including User's QoE. The present document details the following aspects to achieve a generic model: (1) Overall results of the survey intended to collect information about user's experience, expectations and behaviours; (2) centric usages in digital ecosystem; (3) New vision of digital "use cases".


Collaboration: Télécom ParisTech


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