[AGM08] Towards generalised accessibility of computer games

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Edutainment'08, Int. Conf. on E-learning and games, Nanjing, January 2008, pp.518-527, Series LNCS 5093,
Résumé: Abstract. Computer games accessibility have initially been regarded as an area of minor importance as there were much more \serious" topics to focus on. Today, the society is slowly moving forward in the direction of accessibility and the conditions come to make new proposals for mainstream game accessibility. In this paper we'll show the main reasons why it is necessary to progress in this direction, then we'll explain how works standard computer applications accessibility and why it is not working in general with games. We will discuss the state of the art in this area and finally we will introduce our vision of future accessibility framework allowing games developer to design accessible games as well as assistive providers the possibility of developing Assistive Games Interfaces.

Collaboration: THIM


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