[AFS00] Integrating ontologies and thesauri for RDF schema creation and metadata querying

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal IJODL, vol. 3(3), 2000
Résumé: In this paper we present a new approach for building metadata schemas by integrating existing ontologies and structured vocabularies (thesauri). This integration is based on the specification of inclusion relationships between thesaurus terms and ontology concepts and results in application-specific metadata schemas incorporat-ing the structural views of ontologies and the deep classification schemes provided by thesauri. We will also show how the result of this integration can be used for RDF schema creation and metadata querying. In our context, (metadata) queries exploit the inclusion semantics of term relationships, which introduces some re-cursion. We will present a fairly simple database-oriented solution for querying such metadata which avoids a (recursive) tree traversal and is based on a linear encoding of thesaurus hierarchies.


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