[ Ba12] Is Multicast useful in Health Care Monitoring Systems?

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Wireless Advanced 2012 , June 2012, pp.5,

Auteurs: J. Barros

Mots clés: wireless sensor networks, multicast, unicast

Résumé: Health care monitoring is a technique for early detection of numerous symptoms and illness. As a step forward to ubiquitous monitoring, wireless sensor networks could be a solution for health care monitoring. However, wireless sensor networks do not support heavy load because they have limited energy, short transmission range, low throughput and small memory storage. In this paper, we are interested in multicast protocols which can reduce the network load. We tested some multicast and unicast routing protocols under a mixed mobility model for health care using the NS-2 simulator in wireless sensor networks. Our simulation results show that the Protocol for Unified Multicasting Through Announcements (PUMA) performs better than other routing protocols. However, Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR) is low because of the low throughput of IEEE 802.15.4.

Collaboration: IRIT


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