Operational Optimization of a Multipurpose Hydropower-Irrigation System

Début: 01-11-2014
Fin: 01-11-2017
Convention: Co-tutelle

 Grant from the National Council for Scientific Research -Lebanon (CNRS-L) - Thèse de Bassam Bou Fakhredine.

This research work aims to optimize the operational procedure of a hydro plant in order to be efficiently used for power generation and irrigation.  The challenge is to find the most realistic model based on the stochastic feature of water resources, on power demand and on irrigation profile. All these aspects are affected on the short and on the long run by environmental and weather conditions. During this project a bibliographic study will be done in order to identify the technical and social issues that prevent the efficient use of hydro plants in developing countries. The system is numerically modelled taking into consideration all the variables and parameters involved in the optimal operation. The most appropriate approach is found in order to maximize the efficient use of water and minimize losses, where different scenarios will be simulated in order to validate the adopted suggestions.


Keywords: Dams and Reservoir Operation, Hydropower, Irrigation, Renewable Energy Resources, Knowledge Based System, Data Mining.