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Directeur de thèse : Alain Faye
Co-Directeur(s) : Yann Pollet

 titre thèse anglais:  Operational Optimization of a Multipurpose Hydropower Irrigation
titre thèse français: Optimisation Fonctionnelle des Stations Hydrauliques pour la Génération Electrique et pour l'Irrigation


I am a senior instructor of Computer Communication Network Engineering Department at the University Institute of Technology – Lebanese University. I received my M.Sc. degree in Mathematics from the Lebanese University in 2002. My research involves Dynamical Systems Modelling, Mathematical Optimization, Time Series and Industrial Control. Currently, I am following my PhD as joint student between Lebanese University and CNAM de Paris in Automation and Control of hydro-power plants.
The goal of the research is gaining an economic advantage through operational optimization of a hydropower plant and by the best irrigation practices while reducing environmental burdens. The challenge is to find the most realistic model based on the stochastic features of water resources, power demand and the irrigation profile. To achieve our goal, methods involving and joining data mining and mathematical programming will serve as a base for a Decision Support Tool (DST). This multi-functional tool for operation planning will be capable of enhancing the performance of a multi- purpose reservoir system on several levels starting with appropriate water releases, power generation, scheduled irrigation water allocation and cropping pattern. Based on the feature of DST, a distributed control structure is proposed according to the knowledge gained. LabVIEW is employed to develop human machine interface (HMI) and sequential control while MATLAB is used to implement analysis, optimization and simulation.


Thèse en co-tutelle :  CNAM et  l'Université libanaise
Encadrants : Imad MOUGHARBEL Université libanaise
                       Alain FAYE ENSIIE-Cedric équipe OC
                      Yann POLLET CNAM-Cedric équipe Systèmes sûrs