Thach Ngoc Dinh

Fondé en 1988, le Cédric regroupe des recherches menées en informatique, mathématiques appliquées et électronique du Cnam. Les membres du Cédric sont enseignants-chercheurs en Informatique, en Mathématiques ou en Electronique, au Cnam à Paris.

Publications récentes

On the sensitivity of third-order Volterra MVDR beamformers to interference-pulse shaping filter
Mots clés : Non-linear Non-Gaussian Non-circular Widely linear Third order Volterra Interference MVDR Beamforming Pulse shaping filter Sensitivity Square root raised cosine

Fractional Interval Observers And Initialization Of Fractional Systems
Mots clés : Fractional systems; Initialization; Interval observers; Stability of fractional linear systems.

Investigation of Emotion Instances and Class Analysis from Physiological Sensors by Unsupervised Hybrid EMDeep Model
Mots clés : Deep Learning, Emotion Pattern, Hybrid Model, Physiological Sensors, Unsupervised Learning

Semantic Mining Approach Based On Learning of An Enhanced Semantic Model For Textual Business Intelligence
Mots clés : Machine learning, Modeling and prediction, Natural Language Processing, Neural models, Semantics, Sentiments analysis, Text Mining

Deep learning of latent textual structures for the normalization of Arabic writing
Mots clés : Grammars and Other Rewriting Systems, Machine learning, Modeling and prediction, Natural Language Processing, Neural models, Normalization, Semantics

Analysis and Cancellation of Mixed-Numerologies Interference for Massive MIMO-OFDM UL
Mots clés : Inter-numerology interference (INI),Massive MIMO-OFDM,Mixed numerology (MN),Spectrum sharing (SS)

Advances in Data Science: Symbolic, Complex and Network Data
Mots clés : Symbolic data, complex data, network analysis, clustering

Weighted and locally bounded list-colorings in split graphs, cographs, and partial k-trees
Mots clés : locally bounded list-colorings, dynamic programming, NP-completeness, maximum flows, tree-width, split graphs, cographs.

Actualités et Evénements

CFP: First International Workshop on Information Systems Engineering for Smarter Life 2020 (ISESL 2020)

  CALL FOR PAPERS First International Workshop on Information Systems...
09-01-2020 - Grenoble, France


 Théorie du deep Learning A - Méthodes et modèles en traitement de signal T -...
17-10-2019 - CNAM - amphithéâtre Paul Painlevé - 292, rue Saint Martin 75003 Paris.