September 25th


The RFID Lab aims to provide attendants with a first hand-on experience with RFID tags and readers. The attendants will learn how to communicate with high frequency contactless cards using low-level commands (APDUs) and high-level computer software, with a special focus on the security mechanisms. The attendants will also be able to read and test their own contactless cards, e.g. access control cards, public transportation cards, ePassports,...


Gildas Avoine is a professor of information security and cryptography at both the UCL in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and INSA Rennes (France). Previously, he was postdoctoral researcher at the MIT (USA) hosted by Ron Rivest in the CSAIL, and at the EPFL (Switzerland) in the LASEC headed by Serge Vaudenay, where he obtained a PhD degree in cryptography. Previously, he studied at the University of Caen (France) where he received a Bachelor degree in mathematics and Bachelor and Master degrees in computer science.